Ever take a shower and have the curtain move towards you inside the shower? Thus reducing your available space? This happens because of several factors: hot or cold air inside, fighting with the hot or cold air outside. Plus the downward flow of water causing an increase in wind velocity, which decreases air pressure within the shower. This decrease in air pressure results in an “air pressure differential”. One can only assume these effects work together, causing lightly weighted curtains to be sucked inward. Other factors may be door/window drafts and wind current from the bathroom ventilation fan.

Many shower curtains and liners will not ‘stick’ to the inside of a bathtub’s step-wall via those embedded curtain magnets, because they are often too light and weak to be effective, or the walls are just not made of a material that is conducive to magnetic adherence. And if you have a borderless/barrier-free/frameless shower base, there’s nothing at all for a curtain to stick to. Therefore unless the shower is affixed with doors, you probably have experienced this up-draft at one time or another (if not daily). It’s especially an issue in various hotels and I would think most people don’t want a publicly used curtain brushing on them.

These durable plastic sticks are permanently fitted with very strong magnets that stick to each other, on either side of the curtain, assuring that it stays straight down as it should. The combination of sticks & magnets provide a sufficient amount of weight for most curtains + liners. Please see the following videos for a quick demonstration:
[Part one > the problem]

[Part two > the solution]

FOUR sets (eight sticks total) are included with every order to make sure you have most of your lower curtain stabilized. Quite simply, they work.
Very easy to install + remove & carry for traveling.